Fermentation tank maintenance strategy

The fermenter is the fermentation equipment used by the brewery. During the use, the maintenance of the fermenter should be paid attention to, so that the service life of the fermenter can be prolonged. Today, YoLong introduces the maintenance strategy of the fermenter.

  1. When cleaning the fermentation tank, please use a soft brush to scrub, and do not use a hard scraper to avoid damaging the surface of the fermentation tank.
  2. The supporting instruments shall be calibrated annually to ensure normal use.
  3. Electrical equipment such as electrical appliances, instruments and sensors are strictly prohibited from contacting water and steam directly to prevent moisture exposure.
  4. When the equipment stops using, it should be cleaned and drained out of the remaining water in the fermentation tanks and pipelines.Loosen fermentation tank cover and hand hole screws to prevent permanent distortion of sealing ring.
  5. If the fermentation tank is temporarily not used, the fermentation tank shall be emptied and the remaining water in the tank and each pipe shall be drained side by side.
  6. During the fermentation process, the tank pressure should not exceed 0.17mpa.
  1. During the process of elimination, when the jacket passes steam preheating, the steam inlet pressure must be controlled within the working pressure range of the equipment (should not exceed 0.2mpa), or it will cause damage to the fermentation tank.
  2. During empty and solid elimination, the remaining water in the fermenter jacket must be drained.Otherwise, the tube in the fermentation tank may be compressed, resulting in equipment damage;During the elimination process, too much condensation water will cause the culture solution to be diluted, thus failing to meet the process requirements.
  3. Negative pressure in the fermentation tank is strictly prohibited during cooling process after empty and solid elimination, so as to avoid pollution and even damage to the equipment.
  4. During fermentation, the pressure of the tank should be maintained between 0.03 and 0.05mpa to avoid contamination.
  5. During each operation, the pressure in the air duct must be greater than that in the fermentation tank; otherwise, the liquid in the fermentation tank will flow back into the filter, blocking the filter core or invalidating thefilter

The above is the maintenance strategy of the fermenter. Welcome to buy our fermenter: https://yolongbrewtech.com/for-sale/fermenter/
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