How To Fix SS Tank Scratches?

You might get some scratches on your SS tank due to accidents while working with it, or when moving it (could be during delivery too). It won’t look shiny as before, but we’re here to help you to mitigate this awful scratch or scratches you got.

Our first tip for the amateurs is to get a skilled polisher to handle this. Otherwise you might damage it further, and we don’t want this to happen.

If you are skilled with polishing, here’s our advice: Choose the right polished wafer, then use angle grinder to fix the scratch.

Below is an example of the steps we took to fix SS tank scratch. This can be used for most light scratches.

  • Firstly, use 120 meshes polished wafer to polish the scratch smooth and flat.
  • Secondly, use 180 meshes polished wafer to polish the surface to be more finer and smooth.
  • Thirdly, apply the polishing paste on the scratch to make the surface more natural and bright. If the result doesn’t look good repeat the above steps or choose a suitable polished wafer.
  • Finally, use sourcing pad polish whole scratch to make sure you are in the same straight line direction as other parts of the SS wire drawing.

Please note: Over fixed polish can reduce the thickness of your SS shell, and may cause further damage to the tank. Also your tank might be very sensitive to such work, so make sure you are taking enough protecting measures, and avoid doing the job if you are not confident in your skills to repair it.

If you really got tired of your SS tank contact us today and let our experts to find you the right SS tank for your business.


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