How To Fix SS Tank Scratches?

SS tank sometime happens to occur scratches because of accident operation or some non-artificial reason in moving and delivery for manufacturers, which is awful and ugly compare to bright stainless steel surface, but how to fixed SS tanks sccratches and make it seems no difference with before?

Here YoLong show some tips/steps to fix a scratch on a SS tank and make it looks like no difference.

So at first you need a skilled polisher to handle this issue, this is very important which can make sure things won’t get worse.

According the scratch choose different polished wafer, then use angle grinder fix the scratch. Below take example of Stainless Steel Wire Drawing and fixed steps can handle slight scratches in the most cases.

  • Firstly, use 120 meshes polished wafer to polish the scratch smooth and flat.
  • Secondly, use 180 meshes polished wafer to polish the surface be more finer and smooth.
  • Thirdly, apply the polishing paste on the scratch to make surface be more natural and bright. If the result don’t looks good repeat above steps or choose suitable polished wafer.
  • Finally, use sourcing pad polish whole scratch to make sure be with same straight line direction as other parts of SS wire drawing.

The fixed job just is the make up way, over fixed polish also can reduce thickness of SS shell, which may lead to dangerous situation for some special tank, the most import thing is to avoid things happen and implement enough protection steps.


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