YoLong Industrial has rich experience of craft beer brewery built up and brewing beers, which has completed a lot turnkey project in USA, S.Korea, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, etc.

Joined with professional engineering team and experienced successful projects, we will offer you with reasonable brewery consultion and microbrewery consultants, when you have any requirement or problems in building up your new craft brewery.

  • YoLong will provide our best suggestion of site layout, brewhouse design, brewing volume for you, if you have a thought of starting up a brewpub,
  • YoLong will provide the most reasonable choice of brewery equipment based on your beer volume and budget, once you have an estimated beer sales volume(per day/week/month/year).
  • YoLong will provide you high cost performance of system configuration, according to your investment budget of the brewery equipment,
  • YoLong will design accurate and reasonable CAD layout, according to your site size,
  • YoLong will design 3D brewing system for you and accurately design each brewing work position to ensure full use of space, if your room has the limit of height and area.
  • YoLong will provide you reasonable distribution of water, electric, steam and gas according your energy situation in your room.
  • YoLong will realize all the rest things for you, and you just tell us your requirements and thoughts of brewing system.
  • YoLong will be glad to invite you visit us! We have our own craft beer laboratory and we welcoming your visiting to see our brewing system design, interface design, auto control design, and we will offer you free brewery equipment instruction and brewing lessons.


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