7HL 2 Vessels Steam Heating Brewing System



The 7HL 2 vessels Steam heating beer brewing equipment is the best start beer equipment for the Micro brewery setup.

The advantage of this brewing equipment lies in its long-term investment benefits. The steam heating system and PLC+HMI are applied on the 7HL brewing system.

YoLong provide with customized commercial and professional brewhouse for every brewer who are more good quality and more professional design and more high automation commercial automated brewing system all over the world.

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    Cost-effective brewery equipment, Beautiful appearance, High Quality. Highly Automatic.
    Site-Size & Budget-Friendly Custom Designed Equipment, Customize Brewery.

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Estimating the cost of brewery equipment

The standard brewery configuration and optional equipment options provide customers with a very large budget space for development.


  • Two vessels combo skid brewhouse of MMLT & KWPT
  • Steam heating with relative steam pipelines & fittings
  • PLC + HMI Automation Control system with CE certificate for both of BH & Fermentatio
  • Interacted manual Wort / CIP valves for cost-effective
  • Two Wort VFD pumps included for per MMLT & KWPT
  • Rake Knife with VFD Regulation
  • Dual stage PHE for wort cooling, Tap Water & Glycol for energy saving
  • Wort Grant & Hop Back & Steam Condenser & Sight Glasses & Sampling Valves
  • Flowmeter, Temp Sensor, Level Sensor etc for system semi-automation control
  • Double size HLT & Glycol Reservoir
  • Suitable chiller for fermentation temp control & wort cool down
  • Hot Water Pump & Glycol Supply Pump
  • Double size Fermenter & Brite tanks with PED certificate


  • Elec & Direct Fire heating optional for the budget saving
  • Manual control cabinet for the budget saving
  • Remote Access functionality

More Brewhouse options

15BBL 4 Vessels Fully-Automatic Brewhouse

24HL 5 Vessels Fully-Automatic Brewhouse

30HL 4 Vessels Fully-Automatic Brewhouse

Why CHoose YoLong?

Our Priority Guarantee When You Choice YoLong Brewhouse Equipment

  • Your facility premises are utilized to their fullest capacity, with precedence given to safety and stability.

  • Your brewhouse is ready on time and can begin function immediately.

  • Your brewing production or expansion needs are fully met.

  • Your budget is respected and you are completely satisfied with the quote you receive.

  • You are guaranteed the highest quality of international standard equipment.


  • PED, AS1210 pressure vessels
  • UL/CUL/CE electrical cabinet control
  • Brewing system manuals

Custom Design

  • Site-size & budget-friendly custom designed equipment
  • Wide range of capacity & automation levels
  • All customer inquiries welcome

Product Testing & Manufacturing

  • Surface polishing & Pressure testing
  • Welding inspection
  • Production management

YoLong Quality Assurance

  • Highest international standard brewery equipment
  • Excellent detailing & finish
  • World renowned accessories and electronics

Delivery Time Assurance

  • Equipment delivered & installed on time
  • Regular progress updates with etailed product images
  • Informative project scheduling & reports

Within YoLong Warranty

  • Tank replacement
  • Personal customer service
  • Help whenever you need it & free training

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Why Trust YoLong?

Reviews of our customers

“We use YoLong brewhouse (20HL, fully automated), their water station, CIP and all FV’s.”

I had my doubts ordering basically a whole brewery overseas, and was super worried what we were going to get when 5 trucks arrived from the port.

Equipment we got is of superb quality, perfect welds, well polished, packaged and you could see it was taken care of really good. It runs great, in 1 year we had zero (0) problems, except 2 leaks of seals on pumps, but that is normal. Guys at YoLong are also super responsive, we were able to solve everything via Skype. The guys in YoLong is super friendly and had great knowledge of the brewing process and equipment overall. And they’re also super responsive, even during their nighttime if there’s a case of emergency.”

Overall I would recommend YoLong without a second of hesitation.

“We wanted to invest in most quality equipment our budget permitted. Most European manufactures were far beyond our budget, and we had heard horror stories about Chinese manufactures. We were lucky to get a reference for YoLong and contact them, requesting a proposal. After their initial tender, we had a lot of correspondence to customize our equipment in our needs. Communication was easy, and that is rare when dealing with Chinese manufacturers. They were able to provide easy and affordable solutions to our demands. They also refuse to use cheap and unreliable components. We were able to design a robust 4-vessel 20hL brewhouse, capable of producing beers with plato over 25. Although YoLong is not the cheapest, they are a manufacturer that can guarantee reliability and lifetime service.”

“I highly recommend this company as I found them and there team to be very professional to work with and there workmanship to be first class.
I would defiantly buy from them in the future and recommend to anyone that is serious about high quality equipment purchasing.”

“After a year of research, Yolong Brewtech was suggested to us, the service was professional, reliable and comprehensive, the manufacturing quality impeccable. We had found our manufacturer. We will continue to work with Yolong Brewtech for our future projects’”.

“Yolong has been superior, and world class in providing for our brewing industry stainless steel fabrication needs. Their communication, guidance, expertise and support has always been outstanding, and I am often surprised by their generosity and willingness to go above and beyond with creative solutions and after sales support. Working with Yolong feels like a collaborative partnership, and I absolutely recommend their high quality brewery manufactur, and will be using them again in future.”

“We had been planning to upgrade our brewhouse for several years and decided on a skid-mounted, two vessel 13HL system from YoLong. They have been great to work with and we are really excited to take delivery of the brewhouse and get brewing.”

“We ordered a couple of tanks and accessories from Yolong Brewtech were responsive and understood our needs well. Production was completed in a timely manner and quality was good. But most importantly, after sales service was good and they were able to troubleshoot and offer solutions to most problems that we encountered.”

“We are very happy with the professional help we got to customize our brew house. Quick answers and broad understanding of our needs.”

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