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Overview of 60 Gallon Hop Back Equipment

A 60 gallon hop back is a key piece of equipment used in beer brewing systems after the wort boiler to filter and infuse hop aromas into the wort. It serves as a separator to remove hops and coagulated proteins while allowing improved hop extraction versus traditional methods.

60 Gallon Hop Back Equipment Guide

Equipment TypeDetails
Hop BackVessel placed after the kettle to strain wort through whole leaf hops for aroma and flavor extraction
60 gallon capacitySuitable for 5-7 BBL commercial brewhouse batches
Steel, stainless or copper materialDurable brewing equipment materials
Cylindrical or rectangular Typical shapes for efficient flow dynamics
False bottomPerforated plate to spread wort flow evenly over hops
Input and output connectionsFor closed transfer to fermenter
Canister or cartridge styleTo contain hops and allow easy change outs
Integrated sight glassVisual wort flow and hop debris monitoring
One-piece or modular More compact or customizable options
60 Gallon Hop Back

Brewing Process with 60 Gallon Hop Back

The 60 gallon hop back is ideally installed after the wort kettle to filter and infuse hop flavors into the hot wort flow. Models with input and output connections allow closed transfers to the fermenter or heat exchanger next in the sequence.

Whole leaf hops loaded into the vessel provide more aroma oils versus pellet hops. The false bottom spreads the wort stream to maximize exposure. This provides cleaner bitterness versus kettle hopping.

Integrated sight glasses on some units allow monitoring flow rate and removal of coagulated proteins and hop debris at a glance. Drain valves underneath simplify flushouts between batches.

60 Gallon Hop Back Design and Customization

Capacity50-70 gallons working volume typical
ConstructionStainless steel or copper – durable, brew-safe metals
Dimensions24-36″ diameter, 36-48″ height common
Flow dynamicsInlet at top, down flow through hop bed, outlet at bottom
ModularityStandalone or integrated multi-vessel brewhouses
CustomizationEmbossed logos, sight glass, hop screening, input/output connections
AutomationElectric actuated valves and switches available

The 60 gallon capacity makes this size hop back well-matched for typical 5-7 barrel commercial brewery batches. Construction is commonly stainless steel for durability and brewing compatibility.

Cylindrical and rectangular shapes are both used, depending on space constraints and customization requirements. Dimensions are usually 24-36″ in diameter and 36-48″ tall. Multi-vessel brewhouse configurations allow the hop back to integrate modularly between the kettle and fermenters or heat exchanger.

Custom features like logos, sight glasses, input/output connects and hop screening mechanisms help tailor the hop back to specialized process needs. Electric actuated valves and switches automate several functions.

60 Gallon Hop Back Suppliers and Prices

ManufacturerPrice Range
JV Northwest$3,500 – $6,000
Ss Brewtech$3,200 – $5,500
Spike Brewing$2,800 – $4,500
Craftwerk$4,000 – $7,000
Stout Tanks$3,000 – $5,000
Psycho Brew$3,500 – $6,000

There are several equipment manufacturers serving the craft and mid-size commercial brewery markets with 60 gallon hop back solutions in the $3,000 to $6,000 price range. More customization, features and premium construction increase costs. Smaller scale models also available.

Factors like input/output connections fitted (additional $500-1,000 cost), sight glass ($350 extra), hop screening mechanisms ($450 added), digital temperature gauges (add $250-600), and logos/branding ($800+) impact pricing.

60 Gallon Hop Back Installation, Operation and Maintenance

InstallationSecure vessel in place, connect hoses, fittings, switches
Load hopsFill canister/cartridge with whole leaf hops up to screen
Begin wort flowStart pump or gravity feed from kettle through inlet
Monitor processCheck sight glass, make flow adjustments
Flush cleanClean w/ chemicals, flush with water, scrub residues
Inspect and replaceCheck for leaks, wear; replace gaskets, hoses

Standard brewery equipment installation, safety and maintenance principles apply to installing and operating a 60 gallon hop back. Pay special attention to avoiding leaks from hoses and fittings downstream into fermentation.

Following manufacturer guidelines for cleaning chemicals and procedures ensures longevity. Regularly inspecting and replacing worn gaskets keeps efficiency and brewing performance optimal.

How to Select the Best 60 Gallon Hop Back Manufacturer

ConsiderationEvaluation Criteria
Build quality Material grade, welding, finishing, reviews
FeaturesScreen, sight glass, valves, branding
Customization Fittings, dimensions, configurations
Price valueQuote comparative models
Lead timeProduction and shipping duration
Warranty Years and coverage details

Key aspects to evaluate when selecting a 60 gallon hop back equipment supplier for your brewhouse include build quality, customization options, price value comparisons, lead times and warranties.

Examine the stainless material grades used, precision welding seam appearance, surface finishing quality and online customer reviews as indicators of long term durability and brewing performance.

Consider which optional accessories serve your brewing process needs, from sight glasses to output connections. Dimensional configuration flexibility helps tailor the hop back layout. Review comparative pricing on models with similar functionality to identify deals.

Understanding lead times allows aligning equipment delivery to brewhouse commissioning schedules. Multi-year warranties provide reassurance on costly brew gear investments given intensive daily use.

60 Gallon Hop Back Pros, Cons, Advantages and Limitations

consider Details
Pros Improved hop oil extraction, wort filtration, aroma maximized versus kettle hopping, closed transfers enabled
Cons Added equipment expense, footprint, cleaning requirements
AdvantagesGreater process control and customization, optimizes bright hoppy styles
Limitations Throughput constrained by size, hop debris can clog

Key pros of adding a 60 gallon hop back include better hop flavor and aromatic outcomes due to full immersion, along with clearer transferred wort after removing hops and coagulants. This comes at the cost of extra equipment, space requirements, and cleaning needs.

When engineered with features like a hop screen and sight glass, the process benefits outweigh the minor downsides for breweries seeking to optimize hoppy and hazy beer recipes.

The main constraints relate to the peak flow rate and batch size the vessel can handle. Clogging issues can also arise over time if hop particles accumulate or down-brew back flushing has inadequacies.

60 Gallon Hop Back

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
What size batches can a 60 gallon hop back support?Typically used for 5-7 barrel commercial batches
What are the most important features to look for?Hop basket screen, inlet/outlet connections, sight glass window
Which manufacturers offer the best turnaround times currently?Spike and Ss Brewtech have shorter lead times around 8 weeks out
What are the optimal flow rates and contact time?1.5-2 GPM/ft2 flow, 20-30 min contact targets
Does a hop back reduce brew house efficiency?No effect if sized adequately for batch volumes

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