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16.5 Gallon Wort Grant Brewing Equipment

Overview of 16.5 Gallon Wort Grant

A 16.5 gallon wort grant is a key piece of brewing equipment used in commercial and homebrew beer production. It is a stainless steel tank that acts as a buffer between the mash tun and brew kettle, allowing more efficient transfers and better control over wort clarity and quality.

Wort Grant Types

There are a few common designs of 16.5 gallon wort grants:

Bottom drain grant with racking armMost common design with outlet at bottom and racking arm to transfer wort to kettle
Grant with false bottomIncludes perforated false bottom to act as filter for clearer wort transfers
Grant with filtration screenFilter screen ensures only liquid passes through to kettle, leaving behind grains and debris
16.5 Gallon Wort Grant

Brewing Process Role

A 16.5 gallon wort grant plays an key role in the brewing process:

  • Acts as a buffer tank during mash to kettle transfers
  • Allows controlling wort flow rate and clarity before boiling
  • Provides temporary storage so brew kettle isn’t overwhelmed
  • Lets brewer take gravity readings and make adjustments
  • Keeps grains suspended during vorlauf recirculation

Design and Customization

Key design factors when selecting or customizing a 16.5 gallon wort grant:

MaterialStainless steel (most common), copper, alloy metals
Volume15-20 gallons typical for homebrew scale
DimensionsSize based on batch volumes, space constraints
OutletsBall valve, butterfly valve, racking arm
AccessoriesThermometer, sight glass, volume markings
CustomizationLogo etching, specific ports for attachments

Suppliers and Costs

Supply CompanyPrice Range
Spike Brewing$900 – $1,500
Ss Brewtech$1,100 – $1,800
Blichmann$1,200 – $2,000
ABS Commercial$1,500 – $2,500

Operation, Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper operation, cleaning and maintenance ensures longevity:

OperationRecirculate wort for clarity; monitor fill level and tempsEach brew day
CleaningPBW soak, pressure wash, rinse, air dryAfter each use
MaintenanceInspect fittings, gaskets; replace worn partsMonthly
PassivationCitric or nitric acid soakAs needed

Choosing a Wort Grant Supplier

Consider the following when selecting a 16.5 gallon wort grant supplier:

  • Build quality and materials
  • Cost, delivery fees and lead times
  • Customization and modification options
  • Warranties and customer service reputation
  • Company specialization in brewing equipment
  • Qualifications like BREWCERT certification

Pros, Cons and Limitations

Improves wort clarity into kettleAdditional cost and space
Provides flexibility in brewing processMore cleaning and maintenance
Enables better temperature controlPotential for stuck mashes
Increases efficiencyLimited customization with some models


Q: What size wort grant is ideal for a 7bbl brewhouse?

A: For a 7 barrel system, a 20 gallon wort grant is recommended. This provides sufficient capacity without being oversized.

Q: Can I convert a keg into a wort grant?

A: While possible, it is not advisable as the stainless steel alloys and fittings on a converted keg may not be properly designed for repeated exposure to aggressive brewery cleaners and high temperature cycling.

Q: Should I choose a grant with a false bottom or filtration screen?

A: It depends on your budget and clarity targets – false bottoms provide good clarity for most homebrew setups, while filter screens take it to the next level.

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