Microbrewery equipment clean before brewing

Micro-brewery equipment is cleaned before use, so that the brewed beer can be more delicious. Cleaning the brewing equipment often can also extend the life of the equipment. The cleaning of the brewing equipment is not too much trouble. This tutorial will be very helpful.


  1. Inspecting the seal gasket working condition and replace regularly. Adding water to CIP Vessel to 80% capacity.
  2. Opening the milled false bottom in Lauter Tun,make sure no residue here before washing plant.
  3. Opening the Sample Valve and Discharge Valve ,and will let the PVRV working in condition.
  4. Washing the Transfer pipes by 1% NaOH solution and then immerse in the 1% H2O2 solution 2h.Seal these pipes after finish previous operations.

CIP Washing

  1. Flushing the residue in plant by 60°- 65 °water in 10-15min
  2. Eliminating the Fat and Protein by 80°-90°1%-3% NaOH solution and circulation in 30min.And then stand 10min. Finally by 70°NaOH solutuion circulation in 30min again
  3. Removing the Alkaline solution in plant by 40°-60°water until the water in neutral shown on PH paper
  4. Eliminating the Mineral salt by 65°-70°1%-3% HNo3 solution and circulation in 20min(not every time)
  5. Removing the Acid solution in plant by 40°-60°water until the water in neutral shown on PH paper

SIP Washing

  1. Washing the plant by 2% H2O2 solution in 10 min.
  2. Flushing the plant by 90°pure water
  3. Preparation for brewing

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If you have any questions about brewing, please leave us a message.


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