30HL 3 Vessels Steam Heating Brewing System



The 30HL 3 vessels Steam heating brewing equipment is the highest international standard & customized commercial brewing equipment manufactured for UK customers.

YoLong with global leading design solutions and innovations of brewery / beverage equipment. Customized Micro to commercial size brewery system configurations from 5HL / BBL to 30HL / BBL.

  • we worked with more than 200+ breweries all world and especially experienced on high-automation fully customized commercial brewery system scope.
    We serve every client with design and quality far superior to peers on brewery equipment.
    Cost-effective brewery equipment, Beautiful appearance, High Quality. 24 hours Awesome Service.

The standard brewery configuration and optional equipment options provide customers with a very large budget space for development.


  • Three vessels combo brewhouse of MMLT & KT WP
  • Steam heating with relative steam pipelines & fittings
  • No.1 PLC + HMI Automation Control system for Brewhouse
  • No.2 PLC + HMI Automation Control system for Fermentation
  • Automated material flow by all pneumatic valves
  • Three Wort VFD pumps included for per MMLT &KT &WP
  • Rake Knife with VFD Regulation
  • Single stage PHE for wort cooling by Cold water supplied from CLT
  • Tubular Heat Exchanger for quick wort cool down before whirlpool or sour beer
  • Wort Grant & Hop Back & Steam Condenser & Sight Glasses & Sampling Valves
  • Flowmeter, Temp Sensor, Level Sensor, Flow transmitter etc for system automation control
  • Grain Case placed above Mash Tun, and Connecting the mash tun & mill by chain conveyor
  • 60HL Automated Water Station comprises of HLT & CLT
  • HLT was steam heating through PHE for the quick efficiency
  • CLT was glycol cooling through jackets
  • Three Water pumps includes HLT & CLT supply pump & HLT circulation pump
  • HLT & CLT level displayed on BH HMI
  • HLT & CLT Auto feeding based on the level setting on BH PLC
  • HLT & CLT supply pump with auto supply fucntionality by detect the pipe inside pressure
  • Pneumatic water supply valves


  • Direct Fire heating optional
  • Remote Access functionality
  • Four vessels combo brewhouse optional
  • Fully Automated CIP functionality optional
  • Manual valves optin for the budget saving

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