10bbl brewhouse brewing equipment for sale

YoLong is a great brewhouse brewing equipment supplier, we have brewing equipment for sale, we are very happy to have customer order our brewery equipment.

It took us about 30 days to complete the 10bbL full-automatic brewery system,it includes mash/lauter tun with bottom HLT, and kettle/whirlpool tank for the brewhouse, the cellar vessels include 10bbL fermenters and bright beer tanks.

The control system is PLC & touch screen control, can achieve automatic control of temperature ( steam ) and automatic transfer of wort. The rakes allows the brewer to plow out spent grain just by reversing the direction of the rake. Our water jet cut screens also represent our dedication to detail. We use water jet cut screens as the standard for all of our false bottom screens to improve drainage, increase efficiency and promote consistently clear wort.

As the customer’s room has no enough space to contain two-vessels brewhouse with a separate HLT, so we put the HLT under the Mash/Lauter tun, which is not only suitable for the small space, but also save much money for the clients.

Beer equipment must be extra cautious when transporting. The outer packaging is an effective method to protect the equipment from damage. It is usually required that the outer packaging has a certain compressive strength and puncture resistance, which can protect the equipment during normal transportation and storage in good condition.So we made the frame with wood and brackets, and then fixed them with a rope.

The weather in China during this time is very hot, and the temperature is around 35C. But this is hard to beat us,it is under such circumstances that our workers’ masters are still meticulous in their work and strictly demand themselves, so we have the products that can now be delivered to our customers. They are great people.

We will strive to do our best for the customer’s requirements. Every detail is our focus, we will serve every customer.

Hope this equipment can be put into use as soon as possible.

Welcome to visit our brewhouse brewing equipment:


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