What’s The Best Way To HomeBrew Your Own Beer With Zero Experience


A few decades ago, brewing beer at home was done by a few people only. But nowadays, brewing at home has become quite easy and is done by a large population. This is as people are becoming aware of its ingredients. The equipment used to make it is readily available as well. All this has collectively resulted in the ease of making beer. These days many people tend to brew beer at their homes. In addition to everything else, brewing beers at home has become a great addition to your day. Brewing the beer at home will let you control different aspects of the drink. You can add how much of each ingredient do you need in order to have a perfect beer for yourself. From the taste to specific gravity, home brewing your beer helps you get the perfect results for the drink.

Ingredients Required:

There are four basic ingredients required to brew beer: Water, grains, hops and yeast. Water is the main ingredient in making of beer so its quality is not supposed to be compromised upon. Yeast, is the product to be used in fermentation of beer. Hops give beer its aroma and flavor. It also reduces the sweetness of sugar. Hops are good for bacterial inhibition as well. Beers use different grains in its production. They include wheat, rice, sorghum and corn. Barley is the most common grain used to make beer.

How To Brew Your Beer?

First of all take five gallons of water and boil it up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.Next you need to take grains and soak them at least for 30 minutes around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Add malted extract and hops to the solution and put it on boil for 90 minutes at least. Take a wort chiller then and cool the mixture with it. Now pour the mixture into a fermenter. Next add yeast and ferment at 68 Fahrenheit to 70 Fahrenheit. After that you need to wait as brewing takes time. It will take around one to two weeks for the sugar to be fermented by yeast into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The process of fermentation comes to an end. Next you need to add the priming sugar for carbonation. It is now ready to have or store in the bottles.

Brewing Methods:

There are two main methods to brew your beer at home: all grain brewing and extract. All grain brewing includes a step called mashing which involves extraction of sugars from grains. You need to soak grain in cold water and release starches. Enzymes then break sugars. Sparging is another process to rinse the sugars from grains. Another main method is extract brewing. We can skip the mashing step here. The results are the packaged into liquid or dry malt extract. This method although costs more, but it saves time and requires less energy by man.

Equipment Used:

A Fermenter is needed during the fermentation stage. Brew kettle is there for the boiling process. Cleaner and Sanitizer are used for cleaning purposes. Hydrometer and Thermometer are used for measuring sugar and temperature. Other equipment used is Air lock, Burner, Siphon with tubing and Wort chiller.


Brewing beer is not an easy experience to have. It comes gradually with practice by knowing the proper way of brewing beer. You should be aware of all the ingredients required, the total number of equipment used, the two methods to prepare beer (All grain and extract) and the total steps in its making. Hope this extract will be helpful enough for you to prepare yourself for this experience. It is crucial to use high quality material in the beer brewing process. You can spend time and effort in having a great system for home brewing your beer however if the ingredients and the products you use in brewing your home beer aren’t up to mark then you would never be able to produce amazing and high quality beer. In order to get a great end result, you need invest in the equipment and products. It is important to use high quality ingredients and state of the art technology and equipment while brewing beer at home.