Brewery Control System

The high-quality beers flavor depends on the brewing skills. But keeping up the high-quality beer depends on the nice equipment and control system in every batch. So the modern control system is a key point to brew the delicious beer. According to the brew s experiences and habits, YoLong will design the control system which satisfied your configuration requirement and brewing characteristics.

YoLong has the professional electronic designation and compiler teams. We can provide the different control systems base on Siemens, AB, Omron and have much designation fabrication experiences about the certification of CE, UL, CUL etc.

Semi-Automatic Control System (Temperature Controller)

Semi-automatic control system is widely used in a microbrewery, nano brewery, farm brewery, brewpub with a small capacity of beer. With 14 years experience on brewing project, YoLong has been improving function and surface of semi-automatic control cabinet.

The semi-automatic control system can work on brewhouse and cellar tanks with manual operating material flow, temperature automatic control and has some. We think semi-auto control system should spend 10%~15 of a total cost of brewery setup.

Brewhouse temp controller cabinet

Brewhouse cabinet function:

  • Temperature displayof hot water inlet,mixed water, cooled wort
  • Flow measure for mixed water.
  • Temperature display and auto/manual control for MLT & KWP
  • VFD control for wort pumps and rake
  • Emergency Stop & Alarm

Cellar temp controller cabinet

Cellar cabinet function:

  • Temperature display & auto control for cellar tanks
  • Level display for brite beer tanks (Optional)
  • Glycol tank temperature display & auto control
  • Glycol Pump OFF/Manual/Auto
  • Chiller Working Status

Automatic Control System (PLC) For Small Amount Microbrewery

With rapid development of microbrewery programme, more and more brewery owners prefer automatic brewhouse. As the automatic control system has more advantages compared with semi-auto system.

  • Saving Labors
  • Easy to monitor
  • Simple & Smart Operation
  • History Record memory
  • Quality beer guarantee

Somebody must worry about the expensive price for PLC control system, actually it’s different, it depends on what function you want to reach. We think, automatic control system should spend 17%~25 of total cost of brewery setup.

YoLong offers a competitive programme to save labor on brewing.

PLC_Brewhouse Panel

Brewhouse cabinet function:

  • All temperature digital display & auto control
  • Water mixing station for setting temperature and measuring filling volume for MLT water filling & sparge water filling
  • Tank lights ON/OFF
  • Pumps anti-slip protection
  • VFD control for all pumps (variable speed drive)
  • Material auto flow
  • Motor for rake ON/OFF & VFD control for rake speed
  • Kettle Anti-Foam (Overflow) protection
  • Alarm buzzer function

PLC_Cellar Panel

Cellar cabinet function:

  • Digital display temperature in cellar tanks
  • Temperature auto control in CLT
  • Five stage temperature auto control in fermenters (Five stage for temperature rise & keeping for different beer)
  • Temperature auto control in BBTs
  • Alarm buzzer function

Fully Automatic Control System (PLC) For Large Amount Microbrewery

YoLong offer everything you need for the automation, monitoring, and control of your entire brewery.


  • Reduce Labor Work
  • Improve the quality of beer
  • Automatic brewhouse temperature, material flow, receipts control and temperature control of your cellar tanks (fermentation tank, brite beer tank, etc)
  • Energy Recovery
  • Configuring Your System for an Ethernet Link
  • Communicate with other process equipment to reach automatically.

Large brewing system_Full auto Brewhouse controls

Large brewing system_Full auto Cellar controls

Full-auto system can equip with Internet functions, including faults log, date output, material matching, remote control etc.(display on cellphone or PC).

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