Control system

The high quality beer s flavor depends on the brew s skills.But keeping up the high quality beer depends on the nice equipment and control system in every batch. So the modern control system is a key point to brew the delicious beer.According to the brew s experiences and habits,YoLong will design the control system which satisfied yours configuration requirement and brewing characteristics.

YoLong has the professional electronic designation and compiler teams.We can provide the different control systems base on Siemens AB Omron.and have much designation fabrication experiences about the certification of CE UL CSA etc.


  • Button Way(Manual )
  • Button+Temp(Semi-Auto)
  • Touch panel+PLC(Fully-Auto)

You can match up with them which your preference,relying on the last systems characteristics.


Material transferred

  • Manual:All material transferred valves are manual
  • Auto:Most of material transferred valves are pneumatic   except some special valves are manual

Temp controlled(heating style)

  • Manual:All steam valves are manual.So needing a person to observe the mash temp ,and operate the steam valve.
  • AUTO:All steam valve are pneumatic and solenoid.Depending on the temp setting in system to control the valve condition.

Centrifugal Pump controlled

  • Manual:Operating the centrifugal pump by the button or virtual key on the console or panel manually.then the speed controlled by governor
  • Auto:Interlocking with material transferred system.Setting the one step starting process for material transferred on panel.So the pump starts automatically,and regulated by governor.

Mashed water QTY controlled

  • Manual:Relying on the gauge on tank,and controlled by the inlet valve
  • Auto:Installing a flowmeter in the water inlet pipe.According to the setting value,controlled the inlet water QTY automatically by flow monitor and pneumatic valves

Mashed water temp controlled

  • Manual:According to the thermometer , adjusting the regulation valves on the cold water and hot water pipe manually.
  • Auto:According to the setting value and the temp sensor,adjusting the pneumatic ratio valve automatically by PLC control system.

Wort Exchanger outlet temp controlled

  • Manual:According to the thermometer after the exchanger regulating the cooling valve manually.
  • Auto:Adjusting the cooler valve rely on the wort pump governor    and temp sensor after the exchanger .

Ferment,bright beer temp controlled

  • Temp sensor:A sensor on every tank connects to console.Adjusting the cooler solenoid valve and cooler pump depends on the temp sensor output.
  • Touch panel+PLC:According to the PLC system and the Temp sensor output,the Temp error can be controlled in 0.1℃ by YoLong s control system.

Cooler Temp controlled

  • Auto:Automatically controlled by high-precise chiller,which have control panel and easy to operate we would equip with.

Auto system can equip with Internet functions :faults log,date output,material matching,remote control etc.(display on iphone)

Our electronic team can custom-design the control with semi or full automatic control as clients requirements. ( YoLong can reach what you want to)