Advice on home brewery equipment for making light beer

People who used to make light beer at home must have had some proper equipment in their homes back in the day because it is not an easy job. You need some sort of equipment to brew the beer. Until recently, normal people weren’t making any kind of beer at home because of the fact that they don’t have the proper equipment to make the right beer. These days, there are equipment available on the online sites by which you can make light beer through the home brewery. You can learn how to brew beer by learning a few DIY methods online. First, you need to know what kind of beer you want to make. Everyone has their own preferred flavors and when you know what to make, you can start collecting ingredients and brewing supplies.

Here are 4 ingredients that are used in every type of beer. Have a look:

  • Water: 95 % of your end product is going to be water so, water is an essential ingredient to make beer. But the quality of water really matters, so you should have clean water otherwise your beer quality will be affected.
  • Yeast: Yeast is the ingredient which turns the sweet brown tea into beer by a fermentation process. In fermentation, the yeast changes the sugar into alcohol and CO2. Without fermentation, there is no beer.
  • Grains: Barley is the most common choice as a grain to make light beer at home, but some people use other grains such as wheat, corn, and sorghum. You can choose to buy the whole grain but if you are using the extracted method, then malt is a better choice because it is ready for fermentation.
  • Hops: Hops are used to make a flavor of the aroma of your beer. Hops can change the sweetness in your beer that was left over from your fermentation process. Also, it comes in different flavors.

Here is a list of home brewery equipment that you will be needing to make your extract brewing or all grain brewing. Although you can find the home brewing equipment from anywhere but consider YoLong for it because they offer quality equipment with different sizes. We advise you to use these supplies because these have been used by other people and have got good reviews. Let’s see how these can help you make light beer.

  • Fermenter: The first thing that you need is a big vessel in which you are going to put the soon to be beer mixture. This mixture is known as wort before becoming beer. So, until the fermentation is complete, the wort will stay in a vessel.
  • Airlock: While your wort is fermenting into beer, you need to cover the vessel. For that, you don’t need just any lid, but you will be needing an airlock so that the CO2 stays inside the fermenter. You can buy the airlock along with the fermenter through any online shopping website.
  • Brew kettle: The boiling process of beer making happens in a brew kettle. Considering that you are brewing beer only for yourself, you will be needing a brew kettle that is large enough to contain all the wort probably 1.5 gallons. Plus, if you buy a bigger brew kettle, that is better because you never know when you can have friends over and decide to make them beer too.
  • Burner: If you want to make light beer at home, then having a burner is essential which can handle a few gallons of wort boiling. You will be needing a burner about 72,000 BTU because you would want your beer made in a timely fashion rather than waiting up for so many days. You can use a small stove than this, but it will take more time, which you might not have.
  • Thermometer: Thermometers for brewing are very cheap and they can be used while you are boiling the wort for fermentation. These can be used to determine the temperature of the wort. Thermometers are good to use even if you are a pro because the temperature can go up and down real fast.
  • Siphon tubing: When your wort is processed completely and transformed into beer, then you have got to put it in another vessel. Let’s say that you have a large vessel and it can’t be carried. So, you would need something that can siphon it to the other vessel. Lucky for you, there are siphon tubing available for a small time homebrewing and you can get one for yourself. There are different sizes available. Auto-siphon is really popular because they can easily siphon beer from one vessel to another without creating any mess.
  • Cleaner: Making beer is kind of a big task and there is bound to be spilling and dirty utensils but you can clean that by using some clean wipes and some cleaner powder or liquid. Just make sure they are not too scented.
  • Sanitizer: Although fermentation has a lot to do with bacteria but there are bad bacteria and viruses which are not supposed to mix with your beer fermentation. So, keep sanitizing the place through sanitizer spray. Just don’t spray on the beer.
  • Hydrometer: If you are a beginner and it is your first-time making beer at home, then you should have a hydrometer. A Hydrometer is a device that is used to check the sugar density in the wort. A Refractometer is also used as hydrometer’s replacement. Once you have tried a few times, then you might not be needing it anymore.
  • Wort chillers: To cool down the temperature of the wort is not possible too quickly that is why we suggest you use a wort chiller. These are like coil but only with big pipes. They are highly used for any kind of brewing.

These are the ten important home brewing supply equipment that you will be needing. Make sure you buy quality products because if you buy low-quality products, they will affect your beer making process and the results won’t be up to your expectations.