Why Do Brewhouse Vessels Need Headspace?

It’s all to do with flavor. Just as a beer bottle needs headspace in a bottle, any beer container involved with post-fermentation needs a critical amount of headspace. When the beer is exposed to O2 the flavor profile can develop and change. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aldehyde

  • Aldehydes formed in the mashing process can develop a stale taste when exposed to O2
  • Buttery and metallic notes can develop from the evolution of dimethyl sulfide
  • Dark beers can suffer when exposed to too much O2by becoming bland and losing their rich maltiness

YoLong design and fabricate vessels with a very reasonable headspace.

Mash cooker: 35% headspace / Mash mixer: 35% headspace / Lauter tun: 30% headspace / Kettle: 40% headspace

Headspace can be a complex formula to understand, and that’s why YoLong has devoted a lot of scientific research into finding the best ratio of headspace + vessel size. You can trust us to get the balance right for you.