What Is The Expected Timeline After Buying A Yolong Brewhouse?

With each brewhouse over a certain size being custom-built, asking what is the expected fabrication and delivery time is important. It can take up to several months for all of the various brewhouse components to be curated into the best brewhouse setup for you.

It goes without saying that the more complex and larger the custom-built brewhouse design is, the longer it will take us to fabricate, ship, and install.*

As your equipment is being manufactured in China, at a coastal city with proximal shipping ports, the shipping time to your country will have to be taken into consideration. Even so, international YoLong customers like to use YoLong Industrial Brewtech as their preferred brewery equipment supplier because of our comprehensive service, excellent product quality, and accessible, budget-friendly prices.

Every customer is given a certain finish time of the equipment and a general delivery and installation time after shipping has commenced.