What Happens Inside A Fermentation Vessel?

When it comes to making beer, fermenters are where the sugars derived from the malt are converted into alcohol (also called ethanol). During the fermentation process, yeast is introduced and used in the conversion process. Glucose in the wort interacts with the yeast to produce ethanol alcohol and CO2. However, that is not the only benefit the yeast imparts to the beer liquid: it also produces a succession of minor metabolites during this action. These acid compounds, alcohol levels, and esters all contribute something to the final flavor of the beer.

This chemistry is conducted with minute precision once the wort is inside the fermenter – if you have picked the right vessel to be installed and operated. This is why YoLong Brewtech is the best place to start your hunt for brewery equipment options, especially if you are just starting out or venturing into expanding your operations.

Craft brewers and brewmasters are demanding equipment of the highest quality and functionality. Not all vessels are created equal, and if you are serious about the end product being tried and true, this demands YoLong efficient technology and increased convenience.

  • Highest quality shadowless manway doors
  • Highest-grade quality stainless steel valves and fittings
  • Perfect Internal Finish

fermentation vessel

When your fermenters have these items, it’s an indication your equipment will have a longer service life.