Advantages Of Using A Hop Gun & Hop Storm

  • Efficient extraction of aromatics from the hops dosing between the whirlpool and wort cooler.
  • Possibility of essential oil reduction in the whirlpool lessened by 80% due to compact spent hops.
  • Flexible aroma profile possible by decoupling hop contact time from the wort cooling time.
  • Optimal transfer of essential hop oils into the wort for flavor and aromatics with minimal increase in bitterness.
  • Making mulled or infused wines or fortified beverages? The hop gun can also be used for spices, such as coriander and lemon/orange peels.
  • Automation system compatible, including spent hops removal.
  • Inline cleaning.
  • Easy upgrades available to optimize the signature brewhouse hops aroma.
  • Aromatization of partial quantities, and trial production runs and sequences possible.

If this essential equipment sounds like a great addition to your brewery setup, please contact the YoLong team today or send an email. We’ll get back to you in the quickest time.