Is It Legal To Start Up A Craft Beer Brewery From Home As A Hobby?

This is a clever question to ask yourself before committing to an online sale of bargain beer-making equipment. If you are thinking of starting up a home-based craft beer brewery or want to take up brewing and concocting your own beer recipes as a hobby, check if it’s legal in your part of the world first. Or you can contact the YoLong team and ask us!

Renting or Buying?

If you are renting your house, you might want to check with the property owner or rental agency first. Even if there isn’t a clause related to this in your contract, it’s still a good idea to make sure. If you own your house and have a vision of producing beer batches by the dozen, you are free to do so anywhere in the United States, with many restrictions and provisos in place, of course.

U.S.A. Legal Requirements for Breweries on Your Residential Property

It’s a known fact that most craft beer breweries begin in the kitchen. As the ultimate escape from macro-taste beer, beer aficionados often put their hand to crafting something particularly their own. They do a little online research, and the next thing you know the rich, aromatic fragrance of malted barley grains is wafting through the garage/kitchen/storage room.

If you hit upon a craft beer recipe that is unique and more-ish enough to get your friends and family clambering for more, it might just make sense to expand operations. It’s time to open a brewery of your own. But, how will you know if your beer has mass appeal if you aren’t allowed to sell it outside your social circle?

Before taking your home brewery hobby to the next level, it’s good to know where you stand in the eyes of the law if you want strangers to buy and taste your beer.