Take Your Business into Commercial or Craft Cold Brew Coffee Production

The coffee bean is actually a seed from the coffee plant, similar to a cherry. It has over one thousand chemical compounds inside the “pit,” and each compound reacts differently depending on the temperature to which it is exposed.

coffee bean

The fine art of roasting utilizes something called the Maillard reaction. This when starch and sugars are converted into more complex flavor compounds. Each new compound has its own distinct aroma and flavor profile.


These factors influence the final cold brew coffee aroma and flavor:

  • Origin of beans
  • Mix of bean type
  • Temperature and roasting time
  • Grind-size
  • Water source
  • Temperature of water

If you are in the market for large-batch cold brew coffee brew systems, YoLong commercial grade equipment will help take your cold brew coffee business up to the next level and beyond. We offer full support to both the independent roaster and the large-scale roaster by helping plan, design, fabricate, and install equipment for the entire brewing process.

The YoLong commitment to quality guarantees our team expertise, customer support, and equipment warranties: your satisfaction in the completed project is assured.

YoLong systems are designed to fit in with:

  • large commercial businesses
  • independent craft roasters and brewers
  • boutique coffee shops
  • coffee shop chains
  • restaurants
  • brew pubs
  • tap rooms

Our equipment offers a clean and easy way of brewing with custom-made stainless steel kettles and tanks. You can say good-bye to cheap filters and messy, plastic buckets forever. YoLong Brewtech’s professional-grade equipment will accommodated every one of your brewing needs, while keeping your precious product orderly and clean.

Purchasing and installing a YoLong cold brew coffee system is an investment that will have you producing and brewing more quality product than you ever believed possible. Our systems are quicker, easier to operate, and come with the YoLong guarantee.