How to clean and disinfect beer brewing equipment

Are you a newbie and want to brew some beer? First, you need to know what is brewing?

Brewing is a process through which you make beer. It is a process in which the fermentation of starch takes place. You might have bought a home brewing kit and now you might be thinking what to do with it.

Well, brewing is easy. It is more like a science that you will have to learn step by step. The art of brewing is not difficult, it is as tasteful as the beer itself. The fermentation through the home brewing kit might have few steps. If you have just started with brewing, you might want to learn how to brew a good beer.

After all the learning lessons, you will know that fermentation can be done on several things. The starch that is needed for fermentation might come from the raw material. The sweet starch from fermentation can be obtained from the following steps.

Raw material, Barley

You can use malted barley. Once you have taken malted barley, you can now soak it in water. The water has to be hot as hot water will let barley release the sweetness and form starch.


You can then use the sugar starch to sweeten the solution. It is also boiled with hops which are then used for seasoning and sweetening the beer.


The solution you get after adding sugar is then cooled. You will now add yeast in this solution. It will begin the fermentation process in the solution.

What happens after yeast ferments?

Soon after the yeast is fermented, a chemical reaction takes place. This chemical reaction will result in the production of Ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide in the fermented starch. As soon as you have the fermented starch, you can now bottle it and add some sugar to produce carbonation. The brewing process is now complete and you can have it.

Now that you have brewed your beer and all the process is done, now you might be confused about how to clean the brewer. You will also need to sanitize and disinfect it. The brewer will need proper cleaning and disinfected material. This will not only clean the brewer but it will also keep your brewer away from debris. This is a process that contains two steps. One is cleaning and the second is sanitization. You cannot be carefree by doing any one of them. This two-way process will be required for better and a great batch of beer. If you are looking for a brewer and its accessories, you can visit yolongbrewtech. It will provide you with more guidance.

If you are thinking of making several batches of beer without cleaning the brewer and wanting an excellent tasting beer, you might be wrong. Here are a few steps which will help you clean the brewer. It will make sure that good quality beer is produced the next time you brew some more beer. Cleaning will make you have a beer which tastes good.

Use a cleaner

Sanitization and cleaning of the brewer is not a difficult step. You can use a soap or a cleaner which is appropriate for the brewer. You might not know how important it is to clean the brewer but once you taste a beer made from this uncleaned brewer, you will know why it is important.

You can find many brewer-friendly cleaners which will help you clean the brewer and will make sure to maintain the quality of your brewer. The cleaners which are famous as brewer cleaners are One Step Cleanser and Basic A. These cleaners will make your work a lot easy.

Follow the instructions

When you buy a brewer, there will be written some instructions. These instructions will guide you about how to clean the brewer. It will also tell you how to take care of the brewer and how to service it, so that, it provides a good quality beer.

Household products

If you are a bit concerned about spending some more money on the cleaners of the brewer, you can use household cleaners. But you need to be sure which cleaners you can use. You need to be sure that the cleaner which you use is not scented. The unscented cleaners or dishwashers are best suited for brewers. You can also use the bleach but make sure you don’t mix it with any other cleaning liquid. It will only make the situation worst and will not clean the brewer properly. The household cleaners will save some money for you and will also get the brewer cleaned. But you need to make sure your brewer is properly cleaned.

Use water to clean  

One thing you need to know that using the dishwasher can be harmful to you. You need to be sure that there is no residue left in the brewer as cleaning is essential and mandatory. Use a bucket of water and keep washing the brewer. It will remove all the residue and will provide you the perfect beer next time.


Fill a bottle with half a sanitizer and half water. Dilute the mixture properly. Now spray it on the brewer when the brewer is properly cleaned. This is how the sanitary of the brewer will be completed. Now the two-step process is completed and finished.

Some things to remember

You should keep the following things in mind before using a disinfectant and cleaner.

  • Make sure it is not scented and free from harmful chemicals
  • When you are cleaning, the brewer does not use an abrasive. The abrasive and scrubber might affect the health of the brewer.
  • Sanitize not only the beer bottles but also the caps of the beer bottles.

This will make sure your beer, brewer and the bottles of the beer are fully protected. If you make a habit of cleaning and sanitizing the brewer soon after you make the beer, it will increase the quality of the beer. So, to make a good quality beer, sanitizing and cleaning are important and necessary for the brewer.