Merge Craft Beer & Cold Brew Coffee Production Into One Successful Business

The cold brew process is where the coffee and craft beer worlds converge. Often, the consumer who values craft beer will feel the same way about cold brew coffee. You could say that someone who drinks cold brew coffee in the morning is 99% likely to drink craft beer at night! Bistros and restaurants are rushing to add cold brew coffee kegerators and craft beer taps to cater for this growing market.

YoLong can provide the expansion plans you need to break into this market, the expertise you need for budgeting and installation, and the right amount of equipment and automation.

Lagers and IPAs are fermented at exact temperatures. The hops are added at precisely the right moment in order to preserve their fresh aroma. This is a very similar process to how coffee is brewed at the ideal temperature to produce cold brew coffee. This process doesn’t change, whether it’s roasted and ground coffee or barley grain, you will be able to control and engineer the greatest brew.