Craft Beer Marketing Categories

  • 3-tier sales process: Brewery →Wholesaler →Retailer →This is the marketing method used in states and countries that prohibit the sale of beer direct to the consumer from the brewery.
  • Some countries and states permit the brewery to distribute their product direct to the retailer and cut out the wholesaler completely in a 2-tier marketing system, Brewery →Retailer→Consumer.
  • Some countries and states allow the brewery to sell directly to the consumer Brewery/Retailer  →Consumer via on-site taprooms open to the public with the option to carry the product home. Many microbreweries add a restaurant or appetizer/tapas menu to the premises so consumers can eat and drink their beer in a convivial setting.

Microbreweries are not bound by the relentless need to produce vast quantities of beer every day. They can take the time to experiment (often using a pilot brewery) or create smaller batches for sale to see how it is received by the consumer. They have access to immediate feedback from the customers who patronize their taproom.

In the States, the definition of a brewpub is different from that in Europe and other parts of the world. A brewpub is a brewery that sell 25 percent + of their beer from the premises. A very distinctive concept to serve craft beer to the consumer.

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