Brewing Culture

YoLong has riched brewing experience, the YoLong Brew Tech laboratary is mainly aimed to study beer recipes, brewing knowledge and develope beer and brewing culture.


There are many cultures in the brewing, as the brewing culture has been a long history. When brewers brew a new beer, there is a collision in different places. The brewing cultures includes beer culture, mashing culture, yeast cultures, brewing process culture, beer equipment culture…, every culture has huge and facinating knowledge.

YoLong beer laboratory always study the advanced brewing technology, especially the mashing process in the brewing, there are mainly three mashing way in the brewhouse, infusion mashing, decoction mashing and multi-temperature mashing.


YoLong will still study the advanced craft beer and expand beer culture by our own beer laboratory, which aims to brewing different and special beers and complete the beer recipes. And the beer culture is always a good topic for beer lovers and brewers.

Our favorite place to stay in our free time is ourown beer laboratory. Using microbrewery equipment we maked, we bring in our fascination with craft beer and make the beer we like in a quiet mood. Maybe, we will product the Top fermentation beer-Ale Beer in our own beer laboratory, like Pale ale、Brown Ale、Porter、Stout etc.


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