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Homebrewing has become so synonymous with beer lovers that it’s sometimes easy to forget that not all professional wine making is done by large-scale plantations. If you are thinking about expanding your wine-making from a bathtub in the backyard to small-scale professional wine production, you’ll be pleased to know the area of boutique winemaking has grown a lot over the last two decades.

Once a tradition that required a substantial investment in which to get started, small-scale craft wine making setups all over the world are producing successful experimental mixes, cleverly named special editions, and limited releases, all to an enthusiastic public.

Setup & Equipment for Boutique or Small-Scale Wine Producer

Craft wineries require the same number of equipment as a large-scale operation: the only difference is that the wine making equipment is smaller in capacity and scale. For example: You will only need less than half a dozen barrels for storage during the post-fermentation stage.

Additionally, boutique wineries can take more risks and be more innovative compared to large-scale operations that need to keep churning out huge quantities of standardized product. In the spirit of trying new things, small-scale wineries can add previously unknown aromatics and flavors to small batches of wines. More experimentation is possible when exploring alternative methods of storage or naming the final product. These advantages – only used in the of craft beer brewing sectors before – have rapidly expanded into boutique wine production.

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Most craft wineries don’t own and don’t have to own the vineyard supplying their grapes. This massively reduces costs and allows the craft winemaker to afford to buy the latest wine-making equipment. It’s even possible to outsource certain parts of the production process, such as bottling, corking, and labeling. Nowadays, much of the boutique winemakers’ efforts can be concentrated in mixing, recipe testing, and the actual wine fermentation.

The interest and desirability of organic/handcrafted/artisanal wine are growing every year. The success of small-scale wineries are on the rise and quickly approaching the level of the craft beer industry explosion of the previous two decades. However, being able to push those boundaries requires investing in technologically advanced winemaking equipment.

That’s where YoLong can help you.

Wine Making Supplies & Equipment

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