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What’s the best home beer brewing kit

For a fact, brewing beer yourself is much cheaper at home than buying it. With inflammation in ingredient’s costs, more people are of the opinion to brew their own beer. However, brewing beer at home will surely cost you a whole lot of patience and neither is it easy but the elation after having a […]

Which Beer Is Good For Health

The consumption of alcohol, whether as beer, whisky or anything else, is a staple of the modern world. Something of a standard in modern day food habits, they hold an important place in the daily lives of many.   There are several different varieties of beer available when you hit the local bar or pub. […]

How does a micro-brewery work as a business

If you are wondering what micro-brewery exactly is then let us define it for you. A micro-brewery is a small scale craft beer business which includes making beer in small quantity and the business is independently owned. The bench-mark of a micro-brewery business is the quality, taste and unique brewing techniques used to set brewers […]

How to Automate a Microbrewery

As we all know, brewing is a very interesting thing, but it is also a tedious labor process. Because of the limited manpower and a large number of parameters and ranges that need to be controlled, large breweries have chosen an automated design model. Need to introduce automation technology for microbrewery? The answer is yes. […]

History of Beer

Beer is something that has become a staple in many parts of the world. A widely consumed beverage, it makes up an important sector of the world’s economy, along with other alcoholic beverages.   As much as the world loves beer, not many know about its history. Many people are almost clueless about the history […]