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Why Is Craft Beer So Expensive?

When it comes to alcohol, there is one thing that might upset many drinkers. It ain’t cheap.   Most alcoholic beverages, with only few exceptions are considered to be more expensive than their alternatives. This happens to be the case due to several reasons, one of the most important being that the manufacturing process is […]

YoLong 5hL Unitanks Delivery

We finished a delivery of eight 5hL Unitanks today. Awesome feeling. The client wanted to add eight 500L Unitanks for his brewery. Once we finished the initial drawing of his work station, we found out from one of the pictures he sent us that the fermenter we draw was taller and slimmer than the fermenters […]

How to Make Beer Bread?

Beer bread is very delicious indeed. The texture of the beer bread is soft, and the aroma of the beer is very rich. With the wheat flavor of the flour, the flavor is unique. Beer bread is fermented by direct method. It is not necessary to prepare the starter one night in advance, which is […]

10 Great Tips to Optimize Dry Hop Bouquet

Longing for your IPA and the heady bouquet of pale ale? Enjoy the sensation that your nose is full of it? Want to make the alchemist’s lintopper dry drop in your own beer? Here are 10 things that, if done, will add to your bouquet. 1. Use granulated hops According to research by Peter Wolfe […]

How to Start a Microbrewery?

Starting a microbrewery isn’t easy. There’s many things we should consider before jumping into this adventure. What sort of equipment you need buy? What are the things that will require most of your attentions? Is there enough market for your products? How it’s like to be part of the beer brewing industry? What is your business […]