Are Brewpubs A Modern Invention?

Although brewpubs were brought to consumer consciousness by elegant dining establishments at the close of the 20th century, they are actually as old as the concept of a brewery itself. The production of “modern” beer as we know it, was handed over to monasteries in around 11th century.

However, the tradition of providing a beer beverage called “homebrewed” with food for travelers as they passed through and workers at day’s end, became a specialty of taverns all over the continent. In Germany, theses inns, taverns, and brewpubs were (and still are) better known as brauhauses (brewhouse). For the over a thousand years, brewpubs have been providing people with beer and food every day and night.

Britain’s Campaign for Real Ale

England is world renowned for producing a top fermented cask beer called Real Ale. It is served with natural carbonation and the ale finishes its maturing in the pub cellar, not in the brewery. This places a degree of expertise in the hands of the pub owner as opposed to the brewery itself.

Better known as CAMRA – the Campaign for Real Ale – the organization promotes the consumption and quality of real ales and real cider, preferably done inside an authentic British pub.

CAMRA was founded in 1971 by a group of beer enthusiasts who opposed the proliferation of mass produced and mass marketed beer. The group was also anti the homogenization of beer recipes for commercial purposes. It is true to say that the craft beer industry has CAMRA to thank for paving the way towards a wider acceptance and curatorship of craft beer.

All advocates of good beer agree that there is plenty of room in the market for beers of all makes and production methods. Brewpubs provide a healthy balance between bargain price commercial beer brands and a beer hobbyist in pursuit of the perfect brew recipe in the garage of their home.

The brewing equipment used in a brewpub or restaurant setup is known as brewpub equipment. The capacity / output of a brewhouse is usually 3bbl, 5bbl, 7bbl or 10bbl.