Cold Brew Coffee Brewing Equipment

The days of serving cold brew coffee straight from the bucket with a spigot are over. If you are ready to take your homemade cold brew coffee technique to the next level, or are simply looking to expand your premises to include this facility, YoLong Cold Brew Coffee Equipment is for you.

The commercial cold brewed coffee market has exploded in the last few years. It is now possible to manufacture cold brew coffee in commercial-sized tanks. It is an exciting experience to see new cold brew brands on local store shelves, and breweries adapting their setup to include cold brew on tap created on the premises.

Every day, groundbreaking new cold brew coffee equipment is changing the coffee landscape. Please contact YoLong if you would like to know more about our high-quality cold brew coffee equipment.

Cold Brew Coffee Rakes

Introducing the YoLong Cold Brew Coffee Equipment Line:

Coffee Brewhouse for largescale cold brew coffee production.

All of the YoLong commercial cold brew coffee equipment is specifically designed for large quantities of continuous cold brew coffee production. But our cold brew coffee brewhouse system is fabricated for the serious craft and commercial brewer.

Manufactured using highest grade stainless steel, these large-size coffee brewhouses are sized to handle all of your cold brew requirements. Coffee brewhouses over 10bbl+ capacity come equipped with a EU/UL/CSA standard control box.

  • 400-micron SS floor
  • Secondary 50-micron Y strainer
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning
  • False bottom hinged floors for easy grain removal
  • 10bbl+ come with standard rake and plow automated systems
  • Rake agitator control integrated with the control panel
  • Control panel on platform
  • Automatic spent coffee grounds removal via plow
  • Every YoLong cold coffee brewhouse comes with glycol jacket for guaranteed cold brewing
  • Exteriors are professionally polished to look attractive on the shop floor.

20HL Cold Brew Coffee Design

YoLong Brewtech Industrial has expanded operations to encompass the high demand for quality cold brew coffee systems. We plan on revolutionizing how commercial and craft cold brew coffee equipment is produced, fabricated, and installed.

YoLong Coffee-brewhouse and cold brew coffee technology can yield up to 15 percent more cold brew per coffee quantity. Experience faster brewing times, more intense flavor, and compact equipment that take up minimal space.


Our equipment offers a clean and easy way of brewing with custom-made stainless steel kettles and tanks. You can say good-bye to cheap filters and messy, plastic buckets forever. YoLong Brewtech’s professional-grade equipment will accommodated every one of your brewing needs, while keeping your precious product orderly and clean.

Purchasing and installing a YoLong cold brew coffee system is an investment that will have you producing and brewing more quality product than you ever believed possible. Our systems are quicker, easier to operate, and come with the YoLong guarantee.


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