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yolongbrewtech Staff asked 2 years ago

What Does Vorlauf Mean?

When translated from German, vorlauf means “to recirculate”. German brewing terminology is ubiquitous throughout the beer brewing industry, as many of the processes we use today originated from there. Vorlauf refers to two different processes:

  • When mash is transferred to the lauter tun
  • When mash is rested and infused in the mash tun

After either of these processes, some grain particles will always be left under the vessel’s bottom. The compounds contained in these particles are considered an undesirable element. If they are boiled alongside the wort in the kettle, these compounds could lead to an unpredictable finished beer taste.

In order to ensure these grain particles never enter the wort stream, the vorlauf sequence is implemented. To send the particles back to the grain bed, the wort is drained into the grant (collection vessel). Gravity maintains the wort on top, and the grain bed acts to filter out the particles at the bottom.

Vorlauf continues until the wort is clear. The wort is only then drained into the kettle. The vorlauf sequence is a popular brewing method in many parts of the world. However, there are brewers who disagree with this extra step.

Not everyone agrees that vorlauf is necessary as the wort doesn’t always require clarification. The reintroduction of particles into the mash bed can sometimes impede the run-off. When this happens, more problems are caused then resolved.

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