YoLong Filtration Equipment

There are various beer processing techniques to reduce the amount of solids in a beer liquid suspension before the filtration begins. These methods include longer, colder maturation time and refining agents. These processes help achieve relatively acceptable clarification trough natural sedimentation occurring. Macrobreweries on a commercial level often use centrifugal techniques as a filtration alternative.

Candle Filter

Filtration helps to stabilize and sterilize the beer while imbuing it with a clear, golden, crystal appearance beer drinkers have come to enjoy. Filters remove undesirable elements – such as dead yeast particles – which would inhibit the end product’s taste and aroma. With that said, there are smaller brewpubs and craft beer breweries that prefer to serve their beer after the minimum of filtration.

With the surge in popularity of wheat beers and access to ethnic beers cultivated in more remote cultures, clarity has been seen as a possibly unnecessary step in the brewing process.

Filtration can be customized in your brewery setup according to the recipe you want to produce. Call YoLong today to discuss your brewhouse requirements today.

Filter: Mainly used for filtering beer (also kombucha, cordials, etc). When the wort is transferred from the fermenter to the brite beer tank or before the beer is packaged / bottled / kegged.

YoLong provide compact, easy to operate brewery filters. We prioritize high efficiency and cleaning facilitation.

Plate and Frame Beer Filters

  • SUS 304 construction
  • Pressure beer filter with high efficiency
  • Optional use for filtering wort in the brewhouse
  • Completely customizable to fit your setup

Candle Filters

  • SUS 304 construction
  • Compact and easy cleaning
  • Multi filter elements inside assembly
  • Completely customizable for your brewery setup


What is Beer Filtration?

Filter Media Used in Beer Making


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