PC control, means computer control, central computer control brewing system. CE, UL & CUL certification for control cabinet and electronic elements to suit for all clients overworld, AB, Simens control part.

With respect to the middle brewery ( 30bbl to 100bbl brewhouse) and large brewery (above 100bbl brewhouse), we use process control system of proliet or Braumat from SIEMENS and CompactLogix & ControlLogix® PAC from A-B that provides you with everything you need for the automation, monitoring, and control of your entire brewery.


  • Reduce Labor Work
  • Improve the quality of beer
  • Automatic brewhouse temperature, material flow, receipts control and temperature control of your cellar tanks (fermentation tank, brite beer tank, etc)
  • Energy Revovery
  • Configuring Your System for an Ethernet Link
  • Communicate with other process equipment to reach automatically.


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