Milk tanks

Milk tanks are mainly used to cool and store fresh milk and liquid materials for farm. YoLong have the best new milk tanks and milk cooling tanks for sale. You can use milk tanks to store bulk milk and they are brand new.

Yolong milk thaks mainly have the following characteristics:

  1. Milk storage
  2. Milk cooling
  3. Dairy mixing

The tank wall of Yolong milk tank uses an advanced buffer plate evaporator to keep the milk fresh. The milk tank also uses advanced Copeland compressors and imported solenoid valve belts.

The tank of the milk tank is made of SUS 304 or 316 stainless steel, with a pressure automatic rotary cleaning CIP nozzle and automatic stirring device. The heating and insulation layer is made of polyurethane foam and has good insulation performance. The combination of the milk tank device and the control box automatically controls the TEMP of the refrigeration system. When storing milk for a long time, if the milk TEMP is higher than 6 ° C (adjustment), the compressor will automatically start until the milk TEMP drops to 4 ° C (adjustment), the compressor will automatically shut down, so cooling can be guaranteed.

You can put him on the milk tanker so that transportation can be convenient. Alternatively, you can use milk cans to store other dairy products. Our milk tanks undergo rigorous stress testing prior to delivery to ensure product quality.

If you want to buy milk cans, YoLong will be your best choice.


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