Direct cold milk tank is mainly use for cooling and storage of the fresh milk and other liquid material for farm.The tank wall adopt the advantage dimple plate evaporator directly with milk heat resistance.Use the import United States Copeland compressor and

Import solenoid valves expansion valves with reliable point protector.No due overload or system failure and burn out the compressor refrigerator unit.

The tank body is made of SUS 304 or 316 stainless steal with pressure auto rotating clean CIP spray head and auto stirring device.Heating insulation layer is made of polyurethane foam,good insulation performance.Milk tank equipment and control box combination,can auto control the TEMP of refrigeration system.When a long time storage of milk,If the milk TEMP high than 6℃ (adjust),compressor will auto start,until the milk TEMP drop to 4℃(adjust),the compressor will auto shut down,so that the cooling can be guaranteed.


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