As we all know, the Keg is a very important tool in the Storage &transport process for beer.

After the keg was used, we need to do thorough sterile cleaning and sterilization for those kegs. So an efficient keg washer looks like more necessary.

Two Station Keg Washer

YoLong keg machine is efficient, easy to operate, versatile keg washer for microbrewery. Just manually load the keg on the table, the rest of the operation the PLC can control. Do not need manual to connect, new automatic connector locks the keg spear tightly, with individually two-station operated cleaning. Every cleaning cycle contains high and low flow cleaning through pulse valve, which allows for an efficient way to thoroughly clean the keg stem.


  • The Overall Structure is classically compact, this compact structure can save the space of the brewery, and the design of the mobile slid in the keg washer can let this machine more flexible to move.
  • The custom-made style for every client, such as the voltage can be custom-design for every nation.
  • The different types of spears can be matched, such as the A, S, G, D spear can be custom-made, even the special keg matched can be achieved.
  • The heating method can choose based on the client inquiry, such as the client can choose the steam&electric to heat.
  • The operation process more intelligent, automatic connector locks the keg spear tightly, the rest of the process will be controlled by the PLC automatic program to achieve.
  • The HMI touch screen designed more humanized. The client only to choose the clean process (plan A or plan B)in the touch screen, the rest work will do by this machine, and all the parameter in in the system can be set by the screen, such as the clean time and the temp of the caustic


  • The requirement for installation place: There must be electricity source, water source, air source, CO2 and nice drain condition.
  • Set the machine on the working place; adjust footing screw to make it balanced.
  • The connector from left to right is Hot water, sterile steam/Clean water(Ro water), CO2, sterile air.

Clean process schematic

Plan A: Cleaning process with steam

Steam Heated Cleaning Process

Plan B: Cleaning process with electric

Electric Heated Cleaning Process