PHE, Plate heat exchanger is used for heat exchange and able to cooling the wort when wort pumped into fermentation tank, cooled by glycol water. YoLong can provide single or two stage plate heat exchanger for cooling the wort.

The plate heat exchanger completed with compact structure, high heat exchange efficiency, convenient installation and cleaning. YoLong professional technical team will offer you with configuration selection according different brewing system.

Single or Two Stages Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Plate material: SS 304 construction
  • Frame & Cover: SS 304 or carbon steel
  • Wort temperature: cooling wort from 98 degrees celsius to 10 degrees celsius
  • Glycol temperature: raising temperature from 5 degrees celsius to 80 degrees celsius
  • Customize available

Tube Heat Exchanger

  • Tube material: SS 304 construction
  • Heat the wort for Calandria


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